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[12 Aug 2006|05:00pm]
new lj...this one sucks.
add it. or not.
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[08 Aug 2006|12:27am]
[ mood | determined ]

i feel neaseous. i feel like i'm on a roller coaster at the top of the first hill. eeeek!
OCC this semester.. and maybe CCS for graphic design next semester. any thoughts on CCS? or graphic design??
as soon as i figure it out and get going on it, i'm going to work on getting the fuck out of michigan. as soon as possible.

i'm so poor right now. i really want a charm bracelet and a locket necklace.

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[07 Aug 2006|12:19pm]
[ mood | hungover ]

if you think i don't like you, you're probably wrong. i get over things/realize there is nothing to get over really fast.

i really really enjoy the idea of being super social, but i just can't do it.
however, i plan to have a sweet halloween party if you'd like to come. i've been thinking about halloween for months already...its my favorite!
In 3 days i will be leaving for Missouri...a much needed visit and vacation. hopefully i come back refreshed.

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[31 Jul 2006|09:33pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

it may be unhealthy how much i miss my sweet boyfriend when i've seen him just this morning...even though i was half asleep.
i didn't have to work today, so i did a bunch of laundry then hung out with Sara. she introduced me to bubble tea and we had girl talk. we're cute.

tomorrow i go to the doctor and find out what the hell is wrong with me. hopefully i'll be happier and more motivated. and awake if i'm lucky.

ryan and i are really hot in this picture.
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[29 Jul 2006|08:04pm]
[ mood | drunk ]

i just realized that american eagle is called AMERICAN EAGLE. thats the most unhip name for a store that i'ver ever heard.

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[26 Jul 2006|09:38pm]
[ mood | i'm a blah kinda girl ]

i got some stuff done today. it feels alright. i can't wait to get paiiiid..

because i can't stop thinking about my boyCollapse )

i feel really boring. i need an adventure and a personality. a good one.

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[23 Jul 2006|10:41pm]
[ mood | 'UUUUGE ]

i miss my little chistopher.

the only people i ever see anymore are Sam, Lola and Spit.
shut up. cats are people.
hang out with us!

p.s. my strep throat is pretty much gone. good deal.

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[22 Jul 2006|12:58pm]
where do you get your eyebrows waxed and how much does it cost??
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[19 Jul 2006|06:06pm]
[ mood | booooooo ]


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[18 Jul 2006|03:55pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

who's going to OCC this semester?
what do you plan on taking?

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[14 Jul 2006|11:54am]
[ mood | excited ]

I need to babysit. Someone let me borrow their kid.

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WHO REMEMBERS THIS??? [13 Jul 2006|02:19am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

oh, sophmore BeccaCollapse )

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[11 Jul 2006|12:39pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

i'm really looking forward to fall/winter. and halloween. i think i'll have a party. wanna come? and if you're a good friend, let's rent a big fancy cabin and have a nice fancy time being snowed in and drinking cocktails.
i'm also looking forward to my car being fixed and not worrying about money. and sam getting his license back so we can go on adventures and i won't have to drive because i hate it.
and maybe one day soon being skinny. i think i'll work on it.
i'm hoping that i'll have an awesome revelation soon and figure out what i want to do with my life and maybe feel a little contentment for once. i'll save all school year and travel during the summer until i figure out where i want to settle down. i'll bring my boy with me. we'll even send you postcards.
shut up. it could happen.

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[07 Jul 2006|11:29am]
[ mood | hopeful ]

i'm going up north today. later skaters.
i hope i don't forget anything.

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[06 Jul 2006|04:23pm]
[ mood | discontent ]

i have negative $33.56
how'd i get so awesome

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[06 Jul 2006|12:19am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

I hope tomorrow is better than today. I slept this shitty day away for sure.
i'm poor and its my least favorite thing there is. If you know someone who's selling a good car for fairly cheap please please please let me know.

i wish i could think of a new LJ name. this one is so homogay.

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[01 Jul 2006|10:12pm]
my family is at my boyfriend's show and i am not.

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[30 Jun 2006|11:00am]
[ mood | hopeful ]

eep! i hate being desperate, but i really need a ride to work. i work at 5 (but i'd like to be there 10 minutes early). please, if you'd be willing let me know <3

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[29 Jun 2006|08:54pm]
[ mood | blah ]

why is it so hard for me to make friends with girls? let's hang out.

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[27 Jun 2006|07:30pm]
[ mood | upset ]

my car broke on the freeway this morning and my mom's car is in the shop. this fucking sucks, i don't know how i'm going to get to work. FRIENDS!!! get your licenses/cars!!!!! i'm terrible at asking for rides even though i can't recall a time when i've refused someone else a ride.
it might not even be worth fixing because its going to be super expensive. if thats the case, theres no way in hell i can buy a new car any time soon. i don't make enough money. even if it can be fixed its going to take forever.
so i'm poor and stranded. awesome. no scissors and heart or fireworks for me tonight :[
no sleeping next to my boy whenever i want to. fuck my life. for real.

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